HealthFest Welwyn Garden City June 13th 2015


Held on Saturday, the 13th of June outside the Howard Shopping Centre in Welwyn Garden City, the health and wellbeing festival (HealthFest)  was organised to raise awareness about  the many things that contribute to being healthy.


Not letting the rain dampen the excitement, participants eagerly visited the stand of the OffSEt team and took part in the cake and biscuit eating, 'guess the number of sweets'  competition (The winner guessed it exactly -358) and participants also  took turns to write on the whiteboards about their food likes, dislikes and preferences. 


As the  gallery below shows, it was a great avenue to engage with the community about what the project is about in a lively and interactive way-with something for the young and old to take part in. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.



The OffSEt Team
The Stall
Guess how many Sweets
She got it exactly......358
Even the little ones came
The OffSEt Stand
Healthfest - My favourite place to get food is....jpg
Healthfest - participants action shot.jpg
Healthfest -Wendy action shot.jpg
Healthfest - Carrot cake.jpg
Healthfest - chocolate lovers.jpg
Healthfest - Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.jpg
Healthfest - There's so much meat.jpg
Healthfest - Someone to bring it round 2.jpg
Healthfest - cheese cheese!.
Healthfest - Participants at the stall
Neigbourhs Were Waitrose.jpg

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